Friday, December 17, 2010

Rani Mukherji wore a nose ring in Bichhoo

Rani Mukherji wore a nose ring in BichhooBollywood actress Rani Mukherji has appeared in a tapori role in the movie Bichhoo opposite actor Bobby Deol. Rani not only wore a nath (Indian nose ring) but also wore black clothes and typically appeared as a college goer. Though, it's not clear whether her nose was actually pierced or the nath was supported some other way, but her clothes, abuse and the action of the movie made it a success at that time. Good luck Rani!!!

The above pic is taken from the scene when Rani comes to the home of Bobby to put milk packets and sees a scorpio as she falls somehow. Rani is seen shouting after being scared while wearing her trademark black clothes in the movie and a nose ring which is generally not woren by Indian Bollywood actresses.

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